Data-driven platform gives all-size provider groups the same benefits, buying power and access to technologies previously only afforded the big guys


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Montecito Medical, a trusted leader in medical office real estate, proudly announces the launch of MontecitoPLUS, a groundbreaking platform designed to empower physician practices of all sizes with the resources, tools and AI-powered technologies needed to thrive in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Built on a foundation of trust and expertise garnered over more than two decades, MontecitoPLUS is the result of a collaborative effort between Montecito Medical and physicians, aimed at revolutionizing the business of medicine by democratizing access to critical resources and leveraging the collective buying power of its membership.

Key features and benefits of MontecitoPLUS include:

Unlock New Financial Opportunities: MontecitoPLUS gives providers access to strategic services, proven tech-enabled tools, and partnerships to unlock new revenue streams and increase profitability. By leveraging innovative solutions, providers can identify and capitalize on untapped financial opportunities, driving sustainable growth.

Drive Cost Savings: Through MontecitoPLUS, providers gain access to powerful networks and tools that streamline operations and reduce costs. From AI applications that facilitate efficient recruitment to significant discounts (ranging from 5% to 30%) on essential goods and services, MontecitoPLUS enables practices to maximize efficiency and minimize expenses.

Increase Buying Power: MontecitoPLUS harnesses the collective buying power of its membership, allowing provider practices to leverage their clout and negotiate favorable terms with vendors. This not only reduces costs but also opens doors to previously unavailable products and services, giving practices a competitive edge in the market and saving them 20%-30% on average across their spending.

Build Practice and Personal Wealth: MontecitoPLUS offers innovative strategies for building practice and personal wealth, including opportunities in medical real estate, group purchasing, and investments in proven, AI-powered software tools. By providing access to alternative real estate opportunities and new healthcare technologies, MontecitoPLUS empowers practices to secure their financial future.

Shape the Future of Healthcare: MontecitoPLUS empowers physicians to shape the development of new products and services by providing a platform for collaboration and feedback. By participating in the MontecitoPLUS community, practices can influence industry trends and drive innovation that meets their unique needs.

“We are excited to introduce MontecitoPLUS, a truly unprecedented platform, to provider groups across the country,” said Chip Conk, co-founder and CEO at Montecito Medical. “We’ve spent the last 20-plus years hearing first-hand about the incredible challenges providers face day in and day out. We developed MontecitoPLUS in partnership with physicians to serve as their strategic partner and trusted ally for innovation, growth, and wealth building. As a result, we believe MontecitoPLUS is poised to revolutionize the way provider practices operate, giving them the tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”

MontecitoPLUS aims to become the medical community’s go-to source for financing, medical real estate, AI-powered technology solutions, and a range of services that help providers and medical groups increase revenues, reduce costs, and enhance patient care. The MontecitoPLUS platform will evolve to meet the changing needs of healthcare providers. It currently includes: 

  • Calm Waters AI: an AI-powered E/M coding solution that optimizes coding accuracy to 97%, as assessed by Mazars; reduces audit risk; and increases revenue by enabling providers to bill confidently for all E/M services they provide (with an average increase of $17+ per patient encounter);
  • Montecito TruPointe: Group Purchasing Organization that gives providers access to savings averaging 20%-30%, rebates, and greater reliability across their supply chain;
  • Winnow: award-winning software that leverages AI to supercharge clinician sourcing by instantly identifying best-fit candidates;
  • Medical Brain: AI-driven technology that amplifies provider capacity by automating 92% of patient follow-up tasks post-discharge, improving communication, and alerting physicians when interventions are needed;
  • Scout Insight: Technology that harnesses machine learning to pinpoint ideal locations for practice expansion, uncover unmet healthcare needs, and identify potential clients.

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Created by and for physicians, MontecitoPLUS is an unprecedented digital platform of solutions empowering providers to eliminate persistent pain points, access technology previously unavailable to physician groups, and build wealth while building stronger practices. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for driving success, we strive to elevate the standards of healthcare delivery and support the growth and prosperity of our members. Learn more at Follow and engage with us on LinkedIn.

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