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Scout Insight

ScoutInsight harnesses machine learning to streamline real estate decisions and bolster sales outreach strategies. It seamlessly integrates multiple data sources to pinpoint ideal expansion locations and uncover unmet healthcare needs. As a result, users gain a competitive edge, driving growth and enhancing outreach effectiveness in the healthcare industry.​

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Quickly Gain Clarity

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At its core, ScoutInsight provides predictions derived from artificial intelligence, along with data, that contextualizes those insights. The platform was designed to facilitate institutional investment decisions within commercial real estate and healthcare. It can incorporate new data sets seamlessly and is comprised of modules relevant to an ever-expanding range of industries.

ScoutInsight is available in two formats:

  1. ScoutCore brings together proprietary and external data that has been augmented and enriched within a cohesive, constantly evolving platform. By focusing on market dynamics and competitive landscape, ScoutCore reveals immediate, actionable opportunities.
  2. ScoutCustom provides customized AI models derived from in-depth consultations targeting a specific business need. By evaluating how decisions are made today, as well as criteria that clients deem crucial to success, ScoutCustom addresses the business need head-on.