Calm Waters AI

Improve E/M Coding Accuracy with Autonomous Coding

Calm Waters AI

Calm Waters AI partners with health systems, hospitals, and physician groups to provide industry-leading autonomous coding capabilities for ambulatory providers. Through support & automation of the current E/M (Evaluation & Management) guidelines, Calm Waters AI brings order, compliance & standardization to a subjective, costly & difficult coding process.

Maximize the impact of Calm Waters AI through a complementary service, ChartPal, which provides E/M chart audits for provider organizations, identifies errors and potential risks, and delivers face-to-face training for physicians that improves accuracy in E/M coding and supports clinical documentation improvement (CDI) initiatives.

97% Coding Accuracy

$0.96 to $17.14 ROI Per Chart

Save Physicians Time

Providers, financial professionals, and operational teams can easily implement Calm Waters AI while maintaining current workflows and without a learning curve. Immediately benefit from an efficient, accurate, and highly visible E/M coding process.

  • Leverage AI to improve E/M coding accuracy and your bottom line.
  • Perform E/M coding in seconds with greater accuracy than human coders
  • Significantly reduce coding time, as well as risk of audits and denials, enjoying quicker billing
  • Transform a costly and difficult manual process into an efficient, standardized operation
  • Integrate seamlessly into current clinical and billing workflows (available in most widely available EHR tools)