Power in Numbers

Increase Revenue

Unlock new financial opportunities and increase margins of doing business through strategic services, proven, tech-enabled tools, and partnerships.

Decrease Costs

Bring order and efficiency to costly and difficult processes – from access to over $20B in purchasing power to recruiting staff and practitioners.

Build Wealth

Discover new ways to build wealth by monetizing your real estate for tax efficiency and ongoing income and investing in medical properties and tech-driven SaaS solutions.

You didn’t go into medicine to just get by. You were driven by a higher calling. A purpose. Not just to survive, but to thrive, and to help your patients do the same. 

But with so much noise, fragmentation, bureaucracy and brokenness, that gets harder every day. 

Join an elite group of providers who are flipping the script, reclaiming the driver’s seat, and taking what we call a thrivalist mentality, reclaiming THE most important things for providers: patient care and provider wellbeing.

Introducing a thrivalist platform designed by and for providers who want to level the playing field, leverage their clout and buying power, gain access to previously unavailable products and services, shape the development of new products and services, and take more control of their futures.

For over 20 years, Montecito has been listening to providers and learning about the issues and pain points that keep them up at night. Now, with more than $6 billion invested in healthcare, we have a community of providers around the country helping us create a whole new, integrated, single platform of products, services, shared knowledge, and expertise to help them thrive.

For individual physicians and provider groups of all sizes, MontecitoPLUS serves as a trusted partner for innovation, growth, and wealth building.

As more providers join the platform, the value of the MontecitoPLUS platform grows exponentially, producing increasing benefits for its participants. Simply put, in healthcare size matters. Our platform democratizes the complex business of medicine where everyone, no matter how big or small, can thrive.

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