Calm Waters AI, an autonomous Evaluation & Management (E/M) coding solution for providers, announced that it has finalized an agreement with OrthoCarolina, a large and nationally prominent orthopedic practice group.

The Calm Waters AI software solution is designed to bring speed, order, compliance, and standardization to the process of E/M coding for physician practices and other provider organizations.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a respected and leading-edge group as OrthoCarolina in implementing this AI-powered solution,” said Joe Ferro, President of Calm Waters AI. “Calm Waters AI reads charts consistently and accurately and levels them in milliseconds. As a result, providers can reduce audit risk while freeing up more time to care for patients.”

”We are excited about implementing this breakthrough technology solution across our organization,” said Bruce Cohen, M.D., CEO of OrthoCarolina. “We believe that Calm Waters AI will deliver a significant return on our investment by enabling us to receive reimbursement for more of the time our physicians spend caring for patients and by improving the accuracy of our E/M coding.”

The Calm Waters AI application, Calm EM, is available for download on the Epic Connection Hub and athenaHealth® Marketplace.

About Calm Waters AI

Calm Waters AI, a subsidiary of Montecito Medical, exists to take care of the providers who take care of all of us by simplifying and expediting the E/M coding process leveraging AI technology. Calm Waters AI is a part of a platform of solutions offered by Montecito Medical that enable providers to increase revenue, decrease costs and build wealth. Learn more about Calm Waters AI at Learn more about Montecito Medical at