Nashville, Tenn. — Calm Waters AI, a fully autonomous, artificial intelligence Evaluation & Management (E/M) coding application, improves reimbursement for services coded on each patient chart by an average of $17.14, or 22.6%, according to calculations audited by a nationally recognized firm.

“We are thrilled to have quantified the positive financial impact that Calm Waters AI is making for providers,” said Joe Ferro, President of Calm Waters AI. “When you multiply the $17.14-per-chart figure by the number of physicians in a group and the number of patient encounters in an average day, the revenue boost from accurately coded and documented charts is dramatic.”

For example, Ferro noted, applying this ROI calculation to a group of 10 providers seeing 20 patients per day in a five-day week, Calm Waters AI would yield a revenue increase of $3,428 per day, $17,140 per week, and $822,720 per year (based on 48 weeks).

The ROI calculation was based on the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). The MPFS reimbursement rates were assigned to the codes listed in a sample group of 723 charts that encompassed 17 different medical practices of varying sizes and specialties. The calculations then were audited by a third-party firm.

“This is another powerful validation for our company, adding to Calm Waters AI’s 97% rate of chart accuracy assessed by Mazars USA earlier,” Ferro added. “We believe we are setting a new standard that offers tremendous value to medical providers.”

About Calm Waters AI

Calm Waters AI, a subsidiary of Montecito Medical, exists to take care of the providers who take care of all of us by simplifying and expediting the E/M coding process leveraging AI technology. Calm Waters AI is a part of a platform of solutions offered by Montecito Medical that enable providers to increase revenue, decrease costs and build wealth. Learn more about Calm Waters AI at Learn more about Montecito Medical at